Ardour and X forwarding


I cannot run Ardour via
ssh -X user@
ssh -Y user@

There is no error, it simply waits forever.

The problem I have is that I really need a real-time kernel because too many channels so jack_netsource creates xruns w/ a preempt non-RT kernel.
In the other hand, I can’t find high end video drivers that don’t crash with real-time kernels.
So my idea was to simply run all the audio on a RT machine with X libs but no X running, and put the whole heavy 4 monitors X on a non-RT machine.
By doing this I would also relieve the cpu of the audio machine so X things don’t interfere with the audio processing.

Thank you!

Ardour works fine with X forwarding on every machine I’ve ever tested it on.

Good news! :slight_smile:
Now how can I find out what’s wrong?

If I run ardour with -D all, the last thing I see is “ardour: [INFO]: Your system is configured to limit Ardour to only 8192 open files”.
Then ardour does not stop running, but nothing else comes up.

After that I usually see “ardour: [INFO]: Loading system configuration file …”.
So there is something between the 2 that blocks.

Did you try some other X client, such as a terminal? What about a browser? Are you actually using the localhost address (, since that would be extremely wierd…?

Thank you for the browser suggestion :slight_smile:

I needed this in my sshd config:
X11UseLocalhost yes
(it was on no before… no wonder!)

I think we can thank these guys who designed the X protocol and made it “tunnelable”, because that offers so many possibilities… :smiley: