Ardour and various videos (SOLVED)

Hi all,

I would like to know if it is possible to open multiple videos in the same session.

I want to use LTC sync to play music on a PC and at the same time Ardor automatically plays the corresponding video.

Videos preloaded sequentially.

Ardour does not:

  • allow for more than one video to be loaded at a time.
  • provide video editing capabilities

from The Ardour Manual

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Thanks for your quick response.
I wasn’t talking about video editing.
only to load sequentially
I don’t want to do to make a 50gb video :sweat_smile:

Maybe you do not need Ardour in the first place…

xjadeo (the video monitor Ardour uses) can sync to LTC and can be remote controlled (via OSC or commandline) to load different videos.

Also Ardour usually uses a proxy video (smaller geometry, every frame a keyframe to seek reliably), you likely want to avoid that, too.

Investigaré más detenidamente xjadeo
Gracias por la sugerencia

Marco el hilo como resuelto

Start with xjadeo -R --ltc then type help for the interactive interface mode.

e.g. on xjadeo’s commandline interface load a [new] video like this:

load /path/to/the/video-file.mp4

Alternatively via OSC: start xjadeo --ltc --osc 1234 and the send commands via OSC. e.g:

oscsend osc.udp://localhost:1234 /jadeo/load s /path/to/the/video-file.mp4

check xjadeo --osc-doc for available commands.

PS. jackd needs to be running, and you have to connect the LTC source to xjadeo:ltc-input

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Incredible, without this explanation it would be totally out of my reach.
it will also take me some time to understand the process
Thank you

However large the file you have is, rendering out a 480p/q32 version of it is probably bearable?