Ardour and UAD Luna DAW

I’m reading speculation in various forums that the new DAW from UAD might be based on Ardour. I assume this is, indeed, speculation only given the restrictive iLok, MacOS-only, Apollo/Arrow-only, Ardour GPL license etc. It looks for all the world visually like Cubase/Studio One mixed with elements of ProTools and SoundForge. My understanding is that under the hood it is attempting an analog console “sound” like Harrison’s Mixbus but I hope that is where the connection ends :wink:

Answering my own question (and confirming my suspicions):

From the NAMM livestream event: “Universal Audio​ LUNA is 100% UA coded from the ground up!”

whatever that means these days. I heard that it’s using JUCE, but I don’t know.

TBH, from the pre-release screenshot I also thought it might be Ardour (really Waves/Tracks) based, mainly from the look of MIDI track-header incl. scroomer, but it’s not.

From what I gathered, UA relies on external Hardware for the emulation, but otherwise; yes, the basic idea to emulate an analog-console sound and workflow in a DAW is reminiscent of Mixbus.

I’m assuming in that hypothetical case they would have to offer the source code and maintain the GPL license?

Yes (like waves did).

You may already know that, but the GPL only mandates that a user of an application get access to the corresponding source. So you only have to offer it to users who ask. You can keep it secret until the public release. Once someone has the source-code it can be re-distributed freely.

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