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    I've used Ardour in many Linux Distros, Open 64, Agnula etc. Now I've moved to MAC OS and was wondering if Ardour supports UAD Firewire Cards. Is it possible?  Thank you so much for the open space. I do appreciate that.

If the plugins are presented as AU plugins (not VST) and the device is supported under core audio… then probably !!

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     I am deciding which DAW I should go for. I have a TASCAM US2000 and I have being recording with CUBASE (I started with Logic Audio 4.5 and then when it went just for MAC, I had to choose something different then went to Cubase.., at work I used Pro tools ) for quite long but now after buying an UAD Satellite and after fighting so much with having to boot between Windows and Linux because of FINALE I am definitely switching to MAC. The only thing is when I installed my UAD, I told it that I would be using ASIO (VST) though.... sucks. I hope anyone knows how to deal with that. 

Well I hope that I have provided enough info.

Thank you so much for your attention, and i am looking forward to hearing from you or anyone who had experienced with Ardour under OS with UAD 2.

Hi basstrombone1,

We have several UAD systems Harrison for testing with Mixbus ( both Windows and OS X ). Most users find that UAD plugins work fine in Mixbus and Ardour. Please let us know what you find.

You must install the “AU” version of the plugins. This installer should do this automatically on OS X.

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Greetings Ben,

   First of all thank you for your your response I do appreciate that. I will definitely uninstall the card under VST and then reinstall it as AU to see if it works.

Again thank you so much for your attention and help.

Best regards to you too

Alexandre (Alex) Ferreira

Hi Ben,

     How are you?  First of all thanks for your info and second MixBus sounds incredible!! Second when I buy MixBus, am I gonna be able to install it in both windows and OSx? or do I have to buy both versions?

Thanks again


Hello all,

   I've installed MixBus on Both Windows and OS Lion  and works just fine! UAD loaded fine and I was able to use all parameters without having to open de plug in like in Cubase!! Great very happy!