Ardour and the DRUMKV1 plugin

hi, I’m asking if or how I can update this plugin.

I’m using Ardour 5.12 and Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and have the drumkv1 plugin, but it’s about 3 years old. There is a recent version (14 April). I can’t remember where the old plugin came from, perhaps it came with Ardour? Anyway I’d like to get the new version.

Does anyone know of a simple download for the LV2 plugin please?

I don’t think I need the whole software, just need to use the plugin within Ardour. I tried to compile drumkv1 but I’m not very technical and got bogged down when I tried to get Qt framework. Looking in the forum here, I see references to a limitation around plugins pulling in system-wide libs that conflict with Ardour, so perhaps it’s not possible to have the new drumkv1 with 5.12?

Whilst writing, and since things always move on, is there any other solution you’d suggest I look at for playing samples like this -

  • works nicely with Ardour and not tricky to set up (e.g. I don’t use Jack)
  • load my own WAV samples into it and associate with a MIDI note
  • play/record using my Akai pad controller

Any advice or tips very welcome, thanks for reading, Andrew

You could use one of the sampler plugins by LSP.
For example :

Downloads here :

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What versionof drumkv1 do you have? If KXStudio’s ( version (0.9.4) is the one you want you can add them, install drumkv1, and if you don’t want to keep the repositories, you can disable right after…

But Rghvdberg suggestion is a good one!

Thanks folks for the comments.

@rghvdberg, looks interesting, I will investigate. I’ve only had a quick read so far. (What is there 12 of?!)

@finotti , I have 0.7.1. So would I follow the intructions here
and enable GCC5? I assume this would install a bunch of plugins, and one would be drumkv1. Is all this safe to do, i.e. won’t cause version clashes or mess up my system?! I’m driving at night without lights!

So, just add the repositories, run apt update and install only drumkv1 (with apt install drumkv1). After that, if you prefer, you can disable the KXStudio repository again by removing (/etc/apt/sources.list.d/kxstudio-*). (Run apt update again after that!)

But, you can keep the repositories. If you run apt dist-upgrade it will probably update many of the plugins and music software you have installed and it should be fine, but there are no guarantees. (I, myself, don’t run Ubuntu, so cannot say for sure…) But it seems that a lot of people use KXStudio repositories without problems.

I assume the instructions for drumkv1 only should probably be safe, though. But watch if apt will want to install something else or remove anything!

I woud advice against adding and removing kxstudio repos.
This could easily lead to broken packages, orphaned libs.
You could be OK, but my gut feeling says you’ll bork something.

You can download single packages from the repositories but again you might need extra libraries from the kxstudio repo.
Again my gut feeling says : don’t do that, you’ll probably end up doing linuxy things while you just wanna make music.

Get those lsp plugins, unpack them, drop them in ~/.lv2 and start making music. They don’t need any extra libraries or anything.
And they work great!

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@rghvdberg, thanks again, I’m taking your advice. I’ve downloaded the plugins and now have 94 .ttl files. I’ve copied one - multisampler_x12.ttl to /home/me/.lv2/ and I can see it in File Manager. But when I try to insert into an Ardour track by doing New plugin | Plugin manager, I can’t see it. This is with either an audio track or midi one.

In /usr/lib/lv2 the .ttl files are each in a folder called some-name.lv2. I set this up but still couldn’t see the plugin in Ardour.

How exactly do I install these new plugins please?

keep all files in the lsp-plugins.lv2 directory (aka bundle)
like this :

drumkv1 has very few dependencies and should not pull anything else, except drumkv1 components:

# apt -s install drumkv1
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree       
Reading state information... Done
The following additional packages will be installed:
  drumkv1-common drumkv1-lv2
The following NEW packages will be installed:
  drumkv1 drumkv1-common drumkv1-lv2
0 upgraded, 3 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.
Inst drumkv1-common (2:0.9.4-1kxstudio1v5 GCC 5:16.04/xenial [amd64])
Inst drumkv1-lv2 (2:0.9.4-1kxstudio1v5 GCC 5:16.04/xenial [amd64])
Inst drumkv1 (2:0.9.4-1kxstudio1v5 GCC 5:16.04/xenial [amd64])
Conf drumkv1-common (2:0.9.4-1kxstudio1v5 GCC 5:16.04/xenial [amd64])
Conf drumkv1-lv2 (2:0.9.4-1kxstudio1v5 GCC 5:16.04/xenial [amd64])
Conf drumkv1 (2:0.9.4-1kxstudio1v5 GCC 5:16.04/xenial [amd64])


# apt depends drumkv1
  Depends: drumkv1-common
  Depends: libasound2 (>= 1.0.16)
  Depends: libc6 (>= 2.14)
  Depends: libgcc1 (>= 1:3.0)
 |Depends: libjack-jackd2-0 (>= 1.9.5~dfsg-14)
  Depends: <libjack-0.116>
  Depends: libqt5core5a (>= 5.0.2)
  Depends: libqt5widgets5 (>= 5.0.2)
  Depends: libstdc++6 (>= 4.1.1)
  Depends: drumkv1-lv2
  Recommends: jackd

For me, at least, those dependencies are met from Debian packages.

On the other hand, I am not running Ubuntu and things might be different, and it is better to be safe… (And I, myself, do prefer LSP Multisampler anyway…)

And I remember you need to edit some ttl files to make it work in Ardour because of the qt stuff. So it’s not only fiddly to get the package but you’ll need some configuration to do also.
Lsp is a better choice in this case.

wants to pull in about 1GB of QT stuff here. Chances are that there may even be some conflict with Ardour libs and as @rghvdberg mentioned you may have to work around this. – Plugins should really be self-contained and have no external dependencies, but that’s a different story.

I second using LSP-plugins. They have no external dependencies, and are known to work just fine with Ardour. Just unzip then and play.

Progressing… with the correct folders it’s now working, thanks folks.
However… can I check my understanding. My MIDI knowledge isn’t great. At first I was loading samples to various notes but only the last-loaded one worked. (At this stage I’m not using the velocity-sensitive facility) Then I realised I had to use a different Instrument for each sample. So

Instru Note Sample
0 – C1 – sample1
1 – C#1 – sample2
2 – D – sample3

Is this the correct process please?

I see there are 12, 24 and 48 instrument versions of the plugin (multi-sampler…)
Is there a performance trade-off? (otherwise I’m thinking why have these versions?)
My Akai pad has 16 pads and modes A B and C giving 48 Notes so I would naturally go for the 48 version.

Also there is a “direct output” version of each plugin to accompany the “stereo” one. What is direct output please?

@SadKo would you mind chiming in here?

I guess it’s one audio-channel per sample, so you can apply different audio effects to each sample and mix them separately.

This video might help:


Sorry for a late reply.
Different implementations (x12, x24 and x48) are used depending on the number of notes you actually need. In most cases, for a drum kit set of 12 instruments is pretty enough. If you need more, you can use x24 and x48. There is no extra penalty for x24 and x48 versions but they provide much more LV2/VST control parameters for the DAW.
Also, Direct Output versions allow you to capture the output of each instrument independently. That will help you in further mixing (like a real drum kit).