Ardour and PipeWire

I couldn’t find any (recent) discussion on this. I realise it’s not specifically an Ardour issue but this forum is [more popular / better / supply own adjective] than Linux Musicians <o*o>

I’ve got a vanilla Kubuntu 22.10 install with PipeWire as the sound server.

Do I just install JACK and proceed as usual (at this point I’d normally install the KXStudio repos and audio metapackage).

Or, can I forget JACK ever existed and install Ardour?

If so, how are the connections managed? One thing I liked/needed/found useful was using Catia to route all the I/O because Ardour liked to grab and assign connections promiscuously (ohhhh, what a word!).

Also, if I go and install the KXStudio audio metapackage, will it try to drop Pulse audio back in and break things? I don’t like to break things, maybe I should just wait.

Thanks and regards!

see my answer on LinuxMusicians…

gotcha - thanks. The Arch doco is good and probably the latest of anything outside of blogs or forums.
I’d installed qpwgraph and it seems to be what I’m after.
Thanks again!