Ardour and my needs

Hello. Can you suggest some possible ways to implement the following:

-arpeggiator (and connect it with ardour. how? =) )
-I have ardour-vst so how can I install vst which I already have as an .exe or .iso files for windows?
There are a lot of vst and so on progs for windows, but since I hate it I want everything to work on linux.

Thank you very much!

To install a VST you put the .dll in /usr/lib/vst , /usr/local/lib/vst or set the variable VST_PATH to point to the directory. If you have an .exe you should be able to doubleclick it in the file browser to start the installation process or, failing that, start a terminal and run wine /path/to/your/exe

VST in Ardour is a hack so don’t be too disappointed if it crashes or fails otherwise. That said, many plugins do work.

As for arpeggiator, you can try QMidiArp: