Ardour and my guitars again

Thought would try something little more twangy. :slight_smile:

Kinda country meets a little bit of southern rock, but you be the judge…

As always, thanks for listening!

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Super! So good quality and mode :)Thanks! I think it’s a lucky attept )
A technical question: How did you make a bass (I mean a plugin or real bass guitar)?

Thanks cooltehno. Yeah it is a real bass. It’s a GTX bass I bought back around 1990.

I use a Sans-amp DI box and then use a couple of plugins on it. I know the Calf plugins don’t have a good rep around here, but they seem to be stable for me. I used the bass enhancer, and since that bass guitar tends to be a bit boomy I also had to do a fair amount of compression and EQ on it.

Bass always seems to take the most time for me in the mix. Too much and its muddy, too light and sounds thin. Any rate I keep plugging at it. Thanks for listening!

Thanks for answer, Cchoowee! On my test your bass is balanced well. ) I try to make a simulation of bass using plugins, but can’t get its sound realistic. There are many plugins such as Trillian or Kontakt in windows. I’ve found in Linux only few .sfz and .sf2 that can produce some realism. I like your bass, that’s why I’ve asked :slight_smile:

About Calf I also have no problem with them. And yes, calf bass enhancer sounds great. I don’t know any other linux analog for this.
Best regards! )

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