Ardour and Musik Maker

Please can you tell me if this software is similar to Magix Music Maker? I changed operating sistme for the life and I want to forget Windows. Please I am sorry for not understanding this software, my English is not so good.

Very difficult to tell as I am not familiar with that software. From glancing around(The website is awful at providing info apparently) it looks like Magix Music Maker is more akin to a basic version of FLStudio(Not software on Linux). Ardour is best comparable to making music from scratch/playing, rather than building from loops, which seems to be the focus of the Magix software. So in some ways yes and some ways no.

That isn’t to say that you can’t build music form loops in Ardour, but rather that it is not the focus. Dave Phillips has an article on particularly that workflow in Ardour2 in an old version of Linux Magazine IIRC. Probably more than a little out of date these days but can probably give you an idea.


seablade: you weren’t kidding. That website sucks. But in answer to your question jeyjey: Ardour is, like seablade said, not a loop based DAW. However, since it’s available for free with most distributions, I suggest giving both Ardour and LMMS a try, and using whatever works best for you. LMMS is very similar to FLStudio, and is made for loop based music creation. It even supports windows VSTs, and thanks to JACK, you can plug it straight into Ardour.