Ardour and Midi?!

I’ve read in the Recording Magazine that Ardour is going to develop a possibility to include Midi-tracks for midi-recording and editing in the next ardour version. When will this happen. It’s really important for me, because I don’t want to always switch between ardour and rosegarden. I want to use VST-Synthesizers also.

Thanks for your responses!

Yes, Ardour3 will have MIDI recording/playback/editing facilities.
However, there’s still a long way before 3 is done. ATM you can wrestle it into compiling OK but it usually segfaults when you start it.
My extremely uneducated guess would be 6-18 months but Paul’s the only one that perhaps can give some narrower estimate.

I think the consensus re VST is to use dssi-vst. If some VST effects work in Ardour2 for you (and many do) then fine. But I think there won’t be much effort dedicated to debug/fix anything that doesn’t, and VSTi’s are another can of worms…

We hope to have alpha releases of 3.0 out this summer. Precisely what those versions will do regarding MIDI is unclear. It is unlikely that they will reach the level of functionality associated with Logic, or probably even Rosegarden. They will, however, record and playback MIDI, and allow editing to some extent. Its not terribly likely that the full set of transforms you find in 15 year old MIDI sequencers will be there in these initial releases.

Is there a possibility to connect other midi sequencers with jack and ardour, like in cubase with rewire?

Of course, that’s what jackd/qjackctl is all about. You can use a midi seq like rosegarden or muse or qtractor with ardour. Let both apps use the jack transport, set ardour as jack master and things should work.