Ardour and lsp-sampler. Can't trigger sampler with piano roll, works via plugin "listen"

I’ve been playing with lsp-sampler today hoping to use it to play the Hydrogen 808 drumkit with a different drum on each bus.

I think I’m misunderstanding something essential to the signal flow here because I cannot get it to work.

  • I create a new session
  • add a new midi track with lsp multi-sampler x24 direct out plugin; fanout to 25 busses.
  • import hydrogen drumkit
  • change the trigger note for each drum, starting at C4, ending at B4
  • open the lsp-plugin mixer screen and click “listen” for each drum
  • I can hear each drum as expected and see it in the meter of the appropriate bus

The issue I’m having is that no key on the piano roll triggers the drums. I’ve pressed them all and the orange midi meter in the mixter strip is showing input but the green audio strip shows nothing.

What am I misunderstanding here where the plugin let’s me trigger a sample but the piano roll doesn’t?

I’ve also tried this with just a single kick.wav file instead of a full Hydrogen kit import, with the same effect.

Ultimately, I’m hoping to get this workig in Mixbus32c but I’m having the same issue there too.

Can someone explain what I’m missing?

Thanks y’all!

The main problem is that LSP Plugins have a +1 octave in note numbering. This will be fixed in the new release since I got some claims about it already.


Also check the MIDI channel being used for the notes.

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