Ardour and Lexicon Omega USB Interface: It works!

I don’t know how or why it works, but it does! I had connected my Lexicon Omega to my dell laptop with Ubuntu 7.04 installed to use a midi pipe organ program, and I recently decided to download and install Ardour. I just got it opened up and found that it appears that the recording inputs from the Lexicon Omega work as well as the MIDI inputs. I did not think this was possible before, so I’m pretty happy. Now I can record 4 track with my laptop and 8 track with my desktop! So anyway, just wanted to put this out there in case someone was curious. I can’t guarantee success like mine, but try it out, it might work.


Very interesting.
Can you describe more in detail - your Lexicon Omega (type…?) and dell (hardware).



Hi. That’s a great notice for me. I have one of those Lexicon Omega, I have just istalled ubuntu studio that comes with ardour. Would you please tell me how to configure the inputs to use the Omega? I’m starting my home recording studio.

The Lexicon Omega is a USB interface supported by coreaudio in OSX and Linux. Alsa also has a driver, so it ‘just works’. I
have been using Lexicon for years now with Linux and OSX and Win. Just bought another off e-bay. . . Great quality card for price range. If you don’t know how to configure your card to work, read the Ardour manual as well as get familiar with jackd (qjackctl). Any questions about this card can be e-mailed to me: stancliff-buxley at comcast dot net.

USB audio is soooo easy in linux now. . . .

BTW Thanks guys!


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Got mine Lexicon Omega yesterday. It took some time to find out that I had to create an audio group to run it as normal user. Next I pointed the input device to hw:1,0 and the output device to hw:1.

I have recorded 4 simultaneous tracks from my Portastudio 488 trough the Omega into Ardour. Very nice!

BTW read here why the Omega can cause hardware problems and how to solve it;

very interesting, Omega is a USB interface supported by coreaudio in OSX and Linux. Alsa also has a driver.
sarah james ygs and lys manager.

I had an EMU 404 in my pc, and it worked for a while, but last weekend, i heard a click pop in my audio, and smelled the burned electronics smell. turned out to be the card… so i needed to buy another… after reading what I saw here and other places i bought the Lex omega.

I purchaced one yesterday after I found out that the company that builds these is based here in Sandy Utah. I figured if anything didn’t work, I could go to their building and picket the place if the card was no good…

It worked… funny thing was I expected to spend a couple of hrs in configuration hell, but I just plugged the card into my 2.0 slot, and everything came up, ardour recognized the card change after i changed some preferences… I use dual boot to xp as well for reason 4 use, and it worked well there.

So… As of today, I recommend this card…

So can I.

I purchased a Lexicon Omega Studio, connected it to an “old” HP Server (2,8 GHz, 2 GB RAM, 120 GB SATA) and… it simply works.

I run it with AVLinux 4.0, with an Ardour 2.8.10, RT-kernel, the Midi stuff is managed by Rosegarden. Everything runs really fine. Good buy.