Hello there!

I recently switched to Linux/Ubuntu from Windows and i am new in the field.I was using Nuendo 3 for years for recording/editing and now I am trying Ardour.So far is working ok (with my USB 0404 EMU despite the problems with the drivers) except in the following case.

Sometimes i need to check a track before i use them and some of them are in mp3.So i minimize Ardour and try to open a track using another player (VLC or GNOME etc)…That moment the JACK gets crazy and Ardour crashes…It happens every single time!


PS:in the beginning i thought that the player might get confused and using the internal audio card instead of my USB external one…so I installed the “default audio card” but the problem still exists…

You are running into a conflict between the consumer and professional worlds on Linux sadly.

The best answer I can give you is to try mplayer using the Jack driver in it. Jack likes to be the sole user of an audio interface for stability reasons, and when other programs try to take control of it, so the better option is to use programs that are Jack compatible to preview recordings when you need to. I used mplayer on Linux for this reason often.


vlc doesn´ t auto-connect to jack, so you have to connect manually every time you listen to a track, which is annoying if you want to scroll through files…

for me exaile works extremely well with jack (also moc , if you want it more ascetic [type mocp -R jack in terminal while jack is running])
i use exaile for importing audio to ardour from my soundlibrary… so i search with exaile, and then “drag and drop” into the ardour import menu, which opens the directory the selected file is in. this works perfect and doesnt crash jack nor ardour…

thx for the feedback guys! I ll try them out