Ardour and Hydrogen

Does anyone know how to sync hydrogen and ardour in os x? I figured out how to route audio from hydrogen into ardour using JackRouter, but I can’t figure out how to sync them so that pressing play in ardour makes hydrogen start playing. Recent versions of Hydrogen don’t seem to support Jack on OS X. Is there another way to sync?, second response when searching for “ardour hydrogen” on google !

You want the MIDI Patchbay app from Pete Yandell.

Thanks I already read that tutorial. But as I mentioned in my original post, hydrogen doesn’t support jack on intel macs (seems the tutorial was written for ppc macs with older versions of both hyrdrogen and ardour). That is why I had to use JackRouter to get the audio into ardour. But I still can’t figure out how to route midi clock to hydrogen. Has anybody successfully done this?

Hey Paul

Can you elaborate a bit on how to accomplish this? Just getting started doing music on a Mac and I really want these 2 working together.

I installed the patch bay, but there’s no Hydrogen Midi device, only Ardour. So I guess Ardour needs to be the master? But if I set the Midi input in Hydrogen as “ardour out” it still does nothing.

What am I missing?


Hi, first-time post, recently bought Mixbus/Ardour for OSX, & can confirm it works quite happily synced with Hydrogen.
You do need Midi Patchbay, set Ardour Out as your Midi input, & Midi Output as Ardour in. In Hydrogen, set midi in as Ardour Out, Then set Ardour time engine to Jack, & hit record & play…away you go!!
It will start & stop on your command. Hope this helps get you up & running, Pablo!!

Hey all! I have exactly the same issue! Did anyone find out how to make it work? Please? Downloaded midi-patchbay, ardour and hydrogen but hydrogen cannot be connected to ardour somehow ;(

Morning gentlemen,

I too am having some trouble with this one. I have MIDI patchbay, Hydrogen, and Ardour all running ok, but I can’t seem to figure out how to sync them up. I am running Mac OSX Server 10.5 on an Apple XServer. I know it has to do with routing the clock messages from Ardour to Hydrogen through MidiPB, but the configuration options are confusing me. Anyone made this work?

I apparently have the clock routed to Hydrogen now, since the midi in light is solid whenever the ardour transport is rolling, but the hydrogen transport still doesn’t move. I’m stumped… :frowning:

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Not sure if this is strictly on point, but I presume that some people may be wanting to simply get Ardour to start hydrogen playing at the same time when you press “play” on Ardour. To get this right, its simply a matter of making sure Jack is running, then changing Ardour to use JACK to sync the transports. In the main window, next to “PUNCH IN” and above “TIME MASTER”, change the the option from “Internal” to “JACK” … press play in Ardour and Hydrogen should start playing … in sync.


Unless this has changed on OS X…

But as I mentioned in my original post, hydrogen doesn't support jack on intel macs

Then that doesn’t work in this case.

That isn’t to say it couldn’t be compiled, but compiling anything for distribution on OS X is a bit different than doing so on Linux.


Is there a way to connect Ardour with Hydrogen via Pete Yandells Patchbay on Mac OS X? If so, how can it be done. Thank you.

EDIT: No solution, but some discussion:

Gruesse, Pablo