Ardour and generative music

I would like to use ardour to create generative music. Is it possible through the midi plugins available in ardour to realize this type of structure? (I think of certain examples produced by the noatikl program or by assembling some midi modules in live ableton)

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Hi calimerox,many thanks for your info

for generative composition i would better check pure data , ianniX, supercollider and similar tools. this is also not very simple, but there are a lot of example patches online for example for pure data to start with…

Thank you ventosus, cerdo before exploring and experimenting with the ardor potential and then I see other solutions. However, it does not seem to me a very simple approach to the program you have reported

Don’t know about noatikl, but you may be interested to give my programmable moony [1] LV2 plugin a spin, it can generate any kind of generative MIDI events in any LV2 host (also Ardour). You’ll need to teach yourself a bit of Lua [2], though, to be able to accomplish anything useful.


It is possible, but Ardour would probably not be anyone’s platform of choice for this sort of thing, certainly not for Ardour 5.x or earlier.

Many thanks to Paul, then I have nothing more than to experience in Ardour and see if through its midi-ladspa or lv2 plug-ins you can create a structure for generative music, although as you pointed out, you Ardour was born to develop another kind of Musical structure and audio recording and then audio and midi.