Ardour and DDX3216


I managed to control the virtual fader in Ardour via the fader on my DDX3216. However, I was not able to establish a connection in the other way: that is, controlling the fader on DDX by moving the virtual fader on Ardour.

Note that I can move the motorized fader of the DDX using other midi applications (such as MuMidi Controller). So I guess it is just a matter of having Ardour to send out the right Control Changes messages when moving its faders. Can this be done?



p.s. I use Ardour on a Mac OSX (10.4 – X11 version)

Ardour will only “automate” generic MIDI control surfaces by sending back the same kind of message that the controller sends to it.

If this is not adequate, you need Ardour’s Mackie Control protocol support, which is still evolving and is not complete, but still somewhat useful.

Thanks for your answer.

In the end I managed to have Ardour and DDX3216 to communicate both ways.

I just selected the Feedback option in Controls under Control Surfaces menu. It works perfectly: all automations recorded in Ardour are “seen” by my DDX.