Ardour and Dante Virtual Soundcard

Not sure if I’m able to do this but is it possible for created Ardour tracks to show on Dante Controller when created dynamically or at all? It seems I’m not able to but I can be missing something.

Ardour doesn’t “show tracks” on anything at all except for a control surface (e.g. somethijng using Mackie Control). Your question isn’t clear to me.


If you are referring to Dante Virtual Soundcard (As opposed to Dante VIA) then that would require natively developing for the dante protocol, not something that is likely as it would require either reverse engineering it, or developing custom hardware using their dev kits. If you are referring to Dante VIA however, I haven’t played with that much, but I am not sure the story there is much different.


@paul: I’m not entirely sure how everything works yet but I guess I was expecting to see dynamically created tracks in Ardour show up in Dante Controller for routing purposes. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I just started using OS X today and didn’t know what to expect when trying it out.

@Seablade: So it’s networked hardware audio and the DAW PC does its routing internally through Dante Virtual Soundcard as it’s interface. Am I correct?

Update: Using Dante VIA Ardour does show up in the Dante Controller but only the master left and right.

Why would you expect to see anything from Ardour show up in a virtual soundcard?

@paul: brain fart