Ardour and bwf format

Dear all,

first of all thank you for this REALLY wonderful piece of software.
Then the question. I don’t have particular problems with Ardour (using ardour2 in a ubuntustudio os) but I’d like to “create” and “export” broadcasting wave files (bwf). Afaik they are 100% wave files with a header containing several chunks of metadata. I saw in Ardour that I can set the file header to be bwf (Options/Audio_File_Format/Header). The question is: can I edit (write, remove, etc) the metadata? And can I export them? I’m going to set up a database with all the
metadata of my archive but I don’t know how (hope it is possible).

Thanks in advance for your help.


You cannot edit the metadata inside of Ardour directly.

The metadata that relates to the audio data (position, coding history etc) is written by Ardour itself. Several of the other fields are actually slightly user-controllable, but not in any particularly easy to use way (they can be set in ~/.ardour2/ardour.rc). This includes the originator data. Information like the project name cannot be edited.