Ardour and Behringer XTouch : how to smooth automation sends to fader?

Hello all ardour fellows,

1st at all thanks to devloppers and the community, such an outstanding DAW you made.

I’m enjoying ardour since 2 months now, so much that I ordered a X-Touch and received my new “toy”.
thats said for the background :wink:

it works and I have to say that i’m impressed how much ardour handles so well this device.

Afterall I’m still encountering a problem with it.

Recording automation works well, motorized faders acts good and fast when changing banks for ex., but
When i read volume automation , my fader have jitters on small changes, like I can see and hear the motor stepping…

After some search about it, I think that Ardour may not send fast enough information to the X-Touch in order to make its motion smoother.

It may be an option in the setup menu I missed, so I ask you if there is a way to setup the flow of data sent by ardour to the MCP controller?

Thus said I made a 2nd test :

when moving the fader in the ardour mixer with my mouse, it acts the same way : quick and responsive motion for large and fast changes but jitters when slowly changing the value with the scrollwheel of the mouse).

Otherwise faders on the unit work well and don’t seem defective, I think it’s just a kind of conflict beetween the way ardour sends and the way X-Touch reads.

I read similar things for users of other daws with xtouch or presonus faderport as well.

For windows user it has been fixed by a guy who wrote a midi filter that interpolate value and send them to the controller at a higher freq, but i’m running linux :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a video of what the behavior :

Cheers and thanks for your future help !

Pardon my English as i’m French guy

à bientôt :wink:

Hello !

I made a mistake and want to apologize as the automation playback works super-smooth :slight_smile:

I did the same test as the above video and ther’s no matter at all, it plays smooth and the fader don’t jitter as the video’s one does.

It only has this behavior when moving the virtual fader in ardour’s mixer with the mouse, but that’s not sounding so annoying to me as who wants to use the mouse where there is a motorized control surface next to the mouse :sweat_smile:

Again Ardour is a supersweet well thinked DAW, thank you to the staff for that.

Should I delete this thread anyway ?

à bientôt ! see ya !

Nope I would suggest leaving it honestly in case someone goes through the same steps you did.


I would refer to Midi Control In - issues with jumping values? which might solve the virtual fader issues

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