Ardour and Access

Hi, All. Is anybody successfully running an Access Virus through Ardour as a plugin?

do you mean the Access Virus VST plugin? you could try but your results may vary since its windows and mac only. you may be able to get it running through a host that can load windows vsts however it may not work correctly or at all.

i d ont know about within ardour i know that vst can be enabled but not sure if you need to compile your own version with vst enabled again it may or may not work.

Perhaps i’m reading things incorrectly, but i meant the synthesizer, itself. It seems that, when running as a plugin, the DAW can run the editing software–or SOMETHING can, whether running it through a DAW or not. i’ve found a more detailed manual, so let me do a little more research. i’m finding support largely for mac and windows, also. From what i understand, SUSE is a popular distro in Germany. i’m surprised (but perhaps i shouldn’t be) that a German corporation wouldn’t be more sensitive to Linux support. Thanks for the reply!

I think we clarified this all on IRC.