Ardour and 8 channel audio interface

Is there any Linux distro or Ardour’s version just for recording 8 tracks
and maybe 1 midi track? I would like to put it in rack 8ch audio firewire interface
Thank you

If it wasn’t for Firewire, I’d suggest a Raspberry Pi. That runs Ardour just fine (and can capture lot more than 8 tracks as well, only limited by disk speed).

Your question is a bit ill formed. Neither the Linux distro nor Ardour care about how many tracks you want to record. That is limited by the disk-speed (and to some small extent CPU and RAM).

The hardest part will be to find a PC that still has a Firewire interface in 2021.

If you want to have in the rack, will there be a display, mouse + keyboard?

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I’ll look at Raasbery Pi. Thanks. I thing about a single-board computer + firewire card+
touch screen or tablet or using a laptop with a touch screen. It could be look
like a hardware 8ch recorder…

There are FireWire Cards in PCMCIA format … I have two of them and use neither - two because one older computer had a wider slot (CardBus) so for the next computer I had to get the narrower one (ExpressCard). The reason I don’t use them anymore is that my FW interface died.

You could also get an 2nd hand Laptop.

Say a Thinkpad X60s - Lenovo ThinkPad X60s (~100 euro). That has a 4 pin Firewire as well as a PCMCIA slot. and it’s small (11.2"), or a X200.

I still use my now 14+ year old X60s on occasion to record mainly because it is very reliable even with very low latency. – I’ve replaced the HDD with a SSD, and meanwhile also replaced the fan a third time since those do collect dust over a decade. The 4:3 display feels odd, but for recording it is more than sufficient.

I have Thinkpad X230s with firewire card. I think about something smaller like Raasbery Pi with firewire or i’ll bay 8ch usb interface. I only need the Metter Bridge window with option recording

It might look like this picture

If you are OK with doing some DIY and you aren’t deadset on firewire (not sure why you’d prefer firewire), I’d suggest looking into the teensy audio adapter:
Looks like this didn’t get funded, but might be worthwhile reaching out:

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