Ardour and 01v96 version 2

Hi everybody!

I try to connect the 01v96 version 2 (Yamaha) of my work to ardour (2.8.6).
I wish to use 01v’s faders to control ardour’s ones…and to in and out sonud from the mixing table…

Is it possible?


Thanx for your answer!

But sorry, i’m in hollydays untill september…I won’t have 01v close to me 'till this.
See ya!


In the Remote layer, i choose “Generic Raw”.
Then, i did this:
To control e.g. a gain fader, use Ctrl+Button2 on the fader. The message “operate controller now” should appear. Move the desired fader or knob on your control surface. The fader on the screen should start to move as you move the slider on your control surface. If you activated MIDI feedback and your control surface supports it, it should reflect changes you do with the mouse.

Ctrl+button2 didn’t work, so i tried with “ctrl+butoon 1 & 2”.
Then the message appear.
But when i move the fader, nothing happens with ardour.

In Qjackctl, ardour and 01v are connected in the alsa layer…


Now it is a matter of debugging your MIDI connections to make sure that Ardour is receiving MIDI. This is far easier to do over IRC than forums.


Yes. You need to use the Remote layer of the O1V IIRC and bind the faders to faders in Ardour via the Generic MIDI protocol.

See here for more info…

In as far as routing sound through it, you would need to do this via your sound card like any other audio input or output out of the console. Only the newest O1V (O1V96i) has a built in interface to bypass this IIRC.