Ardour alsa mode + Zoom / Skype

Hello, I must use alsa with ardour not JACK. When press start alsa grab over sound. what if i want to send ardour output to zoom? also i want to use same audio interface for zoom and ardour?

i have music lesson and teacher wants to hear my music. i dont want to use motherboard sound it is not good option for me.

i read there is pulseaudio but also there is alsa loopback. i think i need also loopback.

can someone explain simple steps for ardour working with zoom?

here is what i understand

  1. install ardour (pay donation, make shell execute, execute shell)
  2. install alsa loopback (use apt-get?)
  3. fire ardour (from desktop)
  4. use alsa in ardour (audio / midi setup → choose alsa)
  5. fire zoom
  6. choose alsa loopback

if you can help with steps please. thanks you very much.

Use jack with pulse-jack bridging. Ardour works with jack

For situations like these, Jack is actually the way to go. Why do you need to use ALSA ?

I too use zoom. Using Carla to map my USB video camera into pulse audio then to JACK. This way when Ardour is working again, I used it to playback my practice or use VST’s to mix my session to my music teacher.

Carla an Ardour worked great together…when I could launch Ardour.

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