Ardour 8.6 Tempo Marker keyboard shortcut?

Hello, I’m new and have a question about the tempo marker key combination.

My situation: I work with Ardour 8.6 and occasionally import finished music and want to modify it a bit.

The first thing I always do is determine the beats per minute.
In the second step I try to insert a tempo marker.

The second step is a bit difficult. Inserting a tempo marker with Ctrl+mouse click is not difficult. However, if there are several tempo markers, this takes a very long time.

I would like to change that by continuously inserting the tempo markers while the title is playing using a key combination (without a mouse click).

Is there a keyboard shortcut (without a mouse click) for inserting tempo markers?

I would be very grateful for your help.

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Greetings. Tempo marks please check the “Tab” bottom or “ENTER” on you numeric keypad.
I’m far from the PC but I think these are the shortcuts

I hope it helps


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Thank you for your valuable helpfulness. Unfortunately that doesn’t work in this case.
Maybe I explained my request a bit incorrectly.

My situation:

I import a finished song at 85 BPM. For example by Tina Turner. While the song is playing, I would like to add several markers to the bars at the same time. Until the end of the song. Is there a technique (other than Tempo Map) or a keyboard shortcut to insert the markers while the song is playing?

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What type of markers? The topic title suggests you want to add new tempo markers. But tempo markers require (at least) one value, which means you need a dialog-based interaction. I’m really not clear what you’re imagining, so could you expand on this?

Hello Paul, thank you for your valuable answer.

I didn’t explain my request properly. I apologize for that.

My idea is: While the song is playing, I tap the tempo. For each kick drum, a marker is inserted in the background as you tap the tempo. These markers serve as a guide for new instruments to be recorded. A keyboard key that is pressed and held when I tap the tempo with the mouse would be good for this.

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i’d also like to see way of inserting tempo markers while playing back (same like you can insert timeline markers/ranges by pressing tab while playing). It would be a lot faster (with tunes that don’t have fixed tempo, or have many switches)
-or promote marker locators to tempo markers?

Underlying this idea appears to be a completely different concept of how to do what we (and others) call “tempo mapping”.

Implementing the version we have now was a major effort. This alternative vision (which has still not really been clearly articulated as a workflow) would likely be another major effort.


if you just want a marker created during playback, you can hit the tab key.

I think the suggested workflow is similar to that on the Transcribe! App (Seventh String software) where you can play along with the song and tap various keys to insert beat, bar, and section markers, which can then be manually adjusted.

Personally, whilst I think this would be an interesting tool, I think a starting point would be to be able to import some sort of tempo map (probably MIDI) and adjust the Ardour tempo to match.

This would allow one to create tempo maps using any external tool, whether that was Transcribe! another DAW, or some other tool like Rhythm Ferret.



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Thank you all for the valuable answers.

I cannot perfectly explain some of the work processes in the music industry and I apologize for that.

I discovered a tutorial video on YouTube that fully explains the workflow on this matter. Please do not scare. The learning video is from Samplitude Pro X. It explains the workflow the way I imagine it. Please take your time and watch it until the end. Thank you.

Here the link:

I realize what a programming effort this means. I can’t program myself and rely entirely on the programmers at Ardour. I can only use Ardour.

Please watch the learning video and decide. This workflow would make time easier and would attract even more users to Ardour.

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It seems that perhaps now is the time for you to watch a video about how this done in Ardour. I thought this had already been mentioned in this thread, but it seems not.

(it is nominally for Mixbus, but Ardour and Mixbus function identically in this area).

While I understand your attraction to the workflow showed in the video, I don’t think it is clear that it is actually better than the one we already have.

The workflow in the video, and your comments above, seem to me to have an unnecessary reliance on adding markers at every bar start, which is frequently unnecessary.

The workflow we already offer is just as flexible as the one shown in the video, but different. We could spend many hours debating the finer points of which one is better, why and when, but there’s very little chance that we’re going to put much effort into implementing a workflow that is so very, very close to the one we already have.


Thank you Paul for your valuable answer.

I watched your learning video carefully and practiced it myself on the computer. It works really very well.

There are songs where it makes a lot of sense to have a marker attached to every kick hit so that other instruments can be re-recorded in different places. Be it a guitar or an additional kick drum. Or similar.

Does it really take a lot of effort to program such a function into it?
Give your heart a push.

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Thank you for all the valuable answers.

This topic can be closed.

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I would like to share another discovery with you.

By chance I discovered and watched a tutorial video on YouTube by Harrison Mixbus (Basic Keyboard Shortcuts). The same keyboard shortcut also works in Ardour. This keyboard shortcut cannot be found in the Ardour instructions.

Here the link:
Harrison Mixbus - Basic Keyboard Shortcuts

In this tutorial video you can see that the tab key is responsible for inserting a marker. Amfe223 already wrote from the tab key. I kept confusing the tab key with the space bar. This made me very nervous and led me to ask in the forum.

I practiced this on my computer with Ardour and am happy that it works so well.

Paul, please forget the request for a keyboard shortcut to insert tempo markers. The effect of the learning video is completely sufficient.

Thanks again for all the valuable answers. Now I don’t want to bother you any further.

The topic can now be successfully closed.

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