Ardour 8.6 released

Yeah, I probably should have expressed myself a bit more “nuanced” :smiley:

But who knows; maybe that extra piece of surprise Calf distortion is exactly what’s needed to get the grindcore album you’re mixing to sound better than all other grindcore albums.

Does anybody know if Calf are planning to upgrade the plugins?
Also - can somebody point me to good (free) alternative please? I am on Linux PopOS 22.04
I am only editing sound occasionally so yes - I am pretty much a newbie.
Thank you in advance!

An alternative would be: I’m not sure if the LSP plugins will run on Linux PopOS 22.04.

With musical greetings


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In fact, they are planning to issue a minor bug release:

Regarding the GTK GUI problem, they are preparing some kind of workaround. See this and following posts on their GitHub issue page:

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Hi! Apparently you guys are messing with the markers, ruler, locations and such… Can you, (by the way ofc) fix the issue, that if I play in loop mode, the playback ALWAYS starts from the beginnig of the loop range instead of the current playhead position? Please…

Tip: If I want, I know how to manually place the playhead at the beginning of the loop. :wink:

At least many people have asked for the opposite …

This is not an answer I would give a heart emoji to. :wink: Thanks anyway for the fastest reply in the world!

Oh that’s why, I was wondering if it was a bug. It was quite useful to check if a section properly loops without having to listen to the whole section like now.

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Just wanted to say that I very much appreciate the advice! I was able to use
I am guessing they are the same plugins under different formats
I installed them in the home folder and pointed the path as an additional one.
With this one - I was able to upgrade Ardour to 8.6 and the new plugin worked well.
Not sure if I am following the best practices but I am very much optimistic.

Once again - I appreciate your advice!

Yeah. Always thought it is possible, but never figured it out. As a workaround seeking to the marker placed just before the loop end… :frowning:

How are you doing this? In loop playback mode jumping to the markers is not possible on my computer. If I try to jump to the marker, the playback is simply restarting from the beginning.
Sometimes it’s really hard to believe that such things exist in Ardour so long and everybody are ok with this. It’s amazing.

  1. Disable the loop mode.
  2. Transport → Playhead → Jump to Next Mark (W) or seek to given mark or just manually nudge the playhead.
  3. Run the transport (if it is stopped).
  4. Enable loop mode (L).

Now, the playhead should pass from your starting point to the and of loop marker then jump to the beginning of the loop.

Note: you have to enable “Preferences → Transport → Play loop is a transport mode” for this to work. Otherwise, the playhead will return to beginning of the loop immediately after engaging loop mode.

Honestly, it took me 15 minutes or more to recall this workaround. And yes, If you ask me, this behavior is somewhat suboptimal to say the least. :frowning: