Ardour 8.6 on new Ubuntu 24.04

Hello to you on the forum.

I installed the new Ubuntu 24.04 on my PC and everything seems to work fine.

Now I would like to try to install Ardour 8.6 (from Ardour site) and, before causing confusion and crashing the system, I would kindly ask you if it is necessary to install the pipewire-jack package or the Pipewire server that comes by default with Ubuntu 24.04 is just good as it is.

I was used to using jack bridged with pulse audio but I see that this, in new versions of Ubuntu at least, is deprecated

Thank you very much in advance.

If you don’t need to interface with other JACK programs, or need to be able to play YouTube videos or other things while you’re recording/mixing/editing, you can use ALSA as backend for Ardour.
Otherwise you’ll need pipewire-jack.

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What version of pipewire ships with Ubuntu 24.04? The 1.0 and later versions of Pipewire are recommended for audio production (earlier versions can work fine for typical desktop audio).

Hi Chris and thank you.

As far as I know version 1.0.3.

Thank you Peder,

I think this is what I was looking for.

Thanks again for your suggestions.

Yes I can confirm that you just need to select alsa and Ardor 8.6 works fine on Ubuntu 24.04.

I will obviously have further tests carried out but for now it hasn’t caused any type of problem nor has it required who knows what type of configuration.

Excellent in my opinion :+1:t2: