Ardour 8.6-290-g1f368900e3 doesn't compile under last Manjaro release


Under Manjaro Ardour fails to compile because of the libaaf-Library:

Build failed
→ task in ‘libaaf’ failed with exit status 1 (run with -v to display more information)

Is this known and is there a solution?


Perhaps Fix compilation on Fedora 40 with GCC 14 by kiilerix · Pull Request #893 · Ardour/ardour · GitHub

Hi Robin,

this was the right hint!!!

BUT! I had to REMOVE the patch to compile under Manjaro!!! So this patch works for Fedora, but not for Manjaro.


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Interesting. Which compiler you use (gcc --version)?

Could you be specific what you had to remove? This way we could fix this, and it may also be helpful for other Manjaro users.

gcc (GCC) 14.1.1 20240522

I followed your links to the location Fix builds with gcc-14 lstat (#9703 PR #893) · Ardour/ardour@4b8b5ac · GitHub

Here is described to add ‘_POSIX_C_SOURCE=200809L’ to the files libs/aaf/wscript and libs/tk/ytk/wscript… I removed these entries, because this was the last change to the aaf lib.

And now it compiles again.

I wonder why you need to compile Ardour?
You could use the ready to run nightly build.
8.6.290 installing/working well in Manjaro.

Oh that’s very easy: I like to use the newest version and compiled for my system. That’s all.
I thought, it might be interesting also for other users.

That @frosendahl is trying, failing, and reporting the error is valuable feedback.

Keeping such a huge application as Ardour buildable across the enormous range of Linux versions (plus, of course, Windows and MacOS), is an amazing feat: feedback like that from @frosendahl is crucial to having the bear waltz in time.


Thank’s for your support! But @axra is also right, because there are people who do a fantastic work and present this in the nightly build. And this should also be respected.
But it is a pleasure for me, that I could help.