Ardour 8.5 released

Ardour 8.5 is available now for Linux, Windows, and macOS. This is another “small” release without major new features, largely because our two lead developers continue to be busy with things linked to future releases.

However, 8.5 does see a fix for a problem in 8.4 that affected many Linux users (a crash whenever a file selection dialog was opened, triggered by the presence of certain icon files on their version of Linux).

Full release notes over here as usual.


Some good fixes. The track height thing was annoying, so thanks especially for tackling that!

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We have discovered a drawing bug in 8.5. It seems to only to appear when the mouse moves over a MIDI region in “draw mode”.

A fix will be forthcoming, but packagers et al. might want to wait for 8.6.

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For me it’s also happening when i hold left click on internal edit mode in a midi region, for example when trying to select various notes at once. I see some kind of visual artifacts

I see some artifacts too. and cant move regions nor notes in the midi piano roll mode. I can only move them vertically (to another track, or notes to a higher piano note) but not in the time.

For anyone wondering, we’ll have 8.6 released by about 12:00 (noon) US Mountain Time tomorrow, Saturday April 13th. Tags have been set, builds will run overnight.


8.6 has been released.


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