Ardour 8.4 on Win11/amd64 always opens session in read-only mode

There seems nothing wrong with permissions - I save sessions below the user’s documents folder like everything else.

Have you perhaps used Ardour as Administrator in the past and the folder is owned by Admin, not your user? – Then again you said permissions are fine.

Also check if the preferences are owned by your user: %localappdata%\Ardour8\.

Is this just a specific session? Can you create new sessions and open then in read/write mode?

All v8.4 created sessions show that issue. I don’t have older sessions.

My entire user folder uses inherited permissions with full control given to SYSTEM, Admins, and the user itself.

It works for now. No clue what the issue is… I just used another location on another drive and then moved back to the original location… very very strange.