Ardour 8.4 Crashes on Audio File Import

Just downloaded/installed 8.4 and was trying to import some WAV files to work on, but each time I browse to the directory via the import dialog, Ardour crashes out before it can list the files in the directory.

However, dragging files into a session from the OS file manager works fine so I assume there’s something afoot with how the import dialog traverses the file tree?

Love the new Adwaita color scheme btw!

(edit to add I’m on Ubuntu Studio 22.04)

I’ve opened a bug for this on the tracker: 0009642: Crash when using file import dialog - MantisBT

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I’m experiencing a similar issue: when I right click in a track and select “Import existing media” Ardour crashes, I don’t even get to the file browser.

I’m using Ubuntu Studio 23.10.

The issue is caused by the desktop theme. In the crash report specifically when loading the theme icon file for audio to show in the filebrowser (here, a large xpm icon).

So it depends on the desktop icon theme set used.

I don’t experience this issue with 8.2 and I’ve had to revert to using that version to be able to import audio files or load impulse responses into plugins.

I appreciate that this is a problem caused by the distro and the theme used by it, but is this likely to be resolved by Ardour? Obviously something’s changed in 8.4 that makes it an issue where it wasn’t before.

I’m seeing this same issue. Ardour 8.4.0 on Ubuntu Studio crashes immediately for me at the opening of the File Import dialog box.

I’m happy to help with debugging if I can. Here’s my attempt at a core-dump.


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