Ardour 8.4 and CALF

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Hello, I am French and I am a new user of Ardour. I use Linux Mint. I downloaded version 8.4. I have a question: I can no longer display the graphical interfaces of CALF. How can I solve this problem?

Please see Ardour 8.4 Calf plugins [ERROR]: failed to instantiate LV2 GUI

In short: calf is end of life, no longer supported, and will soon not packaged by GNU/Linux distributions anymore.

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Some good, and working, alternatives to CALF are
Robin’s x24 plugins : x42-plugins
Vladimir Sadovnikov’s LSP :
Michael Willis’ DragonFly Reverbs : Dragonfly Reverb
Damien’s Zam : zam-plugins –


Don’t forget the ACE plugins shipped with Ardour.

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