Ardour 8.1 is released

Hi Robin
Its doing it again on a 1 track master. Must be Halloween! :smiling_imp:

v 8.1.48

So you are auditioning the exported mp3 when this happens?
I suspect the issue here is reading and decoding the MP3 file in time for playback.

Does this only happen with mp3?

PS. Auditioning an exported file is completely separate, and unrelated to how many tracks the session has.

We need to get you into a tight loop for debugging and testing. This means getting on IRC, and have the time and energy and attitude for continually downloading new versions that we build while iteratively closing in on what is going on. (I am assuming that you are not set up to build Ardour yourself, although that makes things even faster and more productive).

I only get that audition window with mp3 as I have not changed any settings in the export dialog, so I don’t see it when I export to wav.

It also happens times like adjusting (x42) eq values during playback on relatively small sessions.

We will not be able to track this down with anecdotal reports. Please see my comment above.

Yes, thank you Paul. I use Ardour most days and am happy to do anything that makes it better. I download new nightlies pretty often, whenever a recurring problem comes. You probably can see from the amount of bug reports I make. There’s also been some recurring minor issues I haven’t reported as they didn’t cause crashes.
Let me know what I need to do to help
I never built Ardour from source, just the run files.

What OS are you using?

AVL 21.3 always up to date

OK, so let’s start with this. I will add some additional debugging information that will show up in a terminal window when you start Ardour from there. This will available in the “nightly” builds that will be available in about 15-16 hours. Grab that, find a reasonably reliable recipe for reproducing the issue, and then come join us on IRC ( sometime between 09:00 and 22:00 US mountain (UTC-7). Be prepared to stick around for a while.

Yes. Hopefully, I should be able to join you tomorrow (uk) afternoon.
Many thanks

Distracting New MIDI Roll Header
downloading and trying the new version of Ardour 8 i find the new Midi Track Piano Roll to be distracting.
In Editor Window I often change tools via shortcut between grab mode and internal edit mode. When doing so, the timeline moves left/right because of the added note names and I loose focus of where i was editing. It is especially annoying when zoomed in. Take a look at the picture below.

I would like to have the left track controls to have a fixed or adjustable width. Is it somehow possible?

Greetings Stapac

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There is Preferences > Appearance > MIDI Editing > Display Note Names in Track header …


I’m using v8.1.111 and so far, it seems the most stable and responsive version I have ever used.
Great, thank you.

With this, the MIDI editor still shifts to the right between EDIT and GRAB modes. Switching between modes during editing is annoying. The MIDNAM is not shown during GRAB, but shown during EDIT. Is there a way to permanently enable the MIDNAM names to be displayed as well? So there is no shifting to the right between modes ?

Thank you for the arrangement functionality. Already turns out to be very useful for me.

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Oh no! The curse returned, this time near the end of audition of the mp3. No worries though. Since i used version 8.1.111 and increased the buffer to 2048 samples I’ve had no other issues.

Thanks. It works only, when completely turned off. the option always on doesnt work when switching between EDIT and GRAB. but at least i can turn off this feature.

Maybe I found a bug.
Problem is recreated as follow: I record some vocals, where i want to trim the beginning away. normally I just grab the beginning and dragging it to the right to cut of the start of the recorded track. But I can not drag. it does not show the normal [-> sign, but only the hand. When clicking on another track and back it still doesnt work. Switching Modes, doesnt work,
only when I zoom in or out it is working and can be dragged.