Ardour 8.0 is released

The audio engine works way better than 7.5 but
when “freezing” a track Ardour 8 crashes, both ALSA and Jack.
(Debian 12 Cinnamon, Xeon-E5, 32Gb, Nvme, 6.1.0-7-rt-amd64)

Bug reports go to preferably wtith a stacktrace (see Also, confirm there that this is an build.

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Yes it’s a “ready to run program” optimized, payed.

I just did a couple of track freeze tests … no crash here. Please file a useful bug report and we can look into it.

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Thank you Paul for your quick test and reply. I’m not a tech so I won’t be able to file a bug report, I’ll wait to see if some other user(s) more skilled than me will report that issue.
BTW here it crashes with Carla Rack VST filled with amp sims-stompbox plugin.

Amazing release! :slight_smile: Thank you so much!

I have one question whether it’s a bug or a feature: when selecting two strips in the mixer view and I drag their fader, then both faders change. However, if I scroll on one fader, then only this fader changes.
If this is a bug, I can of course report it – I just wasn’t sure.

This is kind of bug but seems to be well known. See Ardour 8.0 — What's new under “Quick Groups”:

Second, this also will not work if you use the mouse scroll wheel to adjust faders. We will likely “fix” this sometime during the 8.x series.

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Oops, I missed that in the release notes. Thanks for the hint! :slight_smile:

Very exciting updates, people! Congratulations for the great job you’ll have been doing. I’m especifically curious about this one: Provide rubber-band drag select of region gain points. Does it means that Ardour are now able to change tempo in any part of the clips, with speed ramps and more? Like a turntable style, for example???

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Nope, sorry. This means you can do a box select to select multiple region gain points, and adjust multiple at once I believe. I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong in a moment though:)


Very good updates! Congratulations for the great job!

Thank you for the Launchpad pro support!

Thanks for the answer, Seablade!

I imagined that a change like that will had more highlight in release notes…anyway, that’s a great improvement too. It will save a lot of time in bigger/complex projects

Oh my God, now I can compose a song for the billions watching yt! :slight_smile: Many thanks to all developers!

He can only be referring to tom ax11 as I see it. I laughed but be careful with irony in communication where you can’t give body (like, face, or smileys) language signals :wink:

I was talking about the roadmap. If I remember correctly there was none for many years

Not really, there has been a kind of a roadmap for a very long time, at least since v3 released 10 years ago. It was never tied to particular releases and never promised release dates though.

Is it publicly accessible? If so, where?

I have lots of hand written notes in various notebooks from the last 10 years. There’s a also a whiteboard with ideas in Paul’s office that has not been wiped since last I’ve been there…

We’re just collecting those on a web-page, please stay tuned.
I’d not call it a roadmap though. I’s more like a guide for the jungle :cowboy_hat_face:


Bravo à toute l’équipe de dévelloppement! énorme travail de votre part. merci à vous. vous apportez des nouvelles fonctionnalités que je cherchais justement.