Ardour 7, tracks out of sync

I recently upgraded to Ardour 7 and decided to record an idea before I forget it.

  • created a new session, with ALSA, 48KHz, 128samples, 2 periods (default)
  • set bpm 60
  • enabled clicktrack
  • recorded a stereo track [synth]
  • created a midi track [RedZeppelin drums] and sketched some pattern
  • recorded a stereo track [guitar]
  • UI is lagging during playback (I had this from time to time on 6.9)
  • track go more and more out of sync during playback (more or less okay first two bars, by the end of the 15th bar barely listenable) - no, I don not have perfect sense of time but never ever experienced this

System: Dell Precision 5750 laptop, 6-core i5-11500H @ 2.90GHz, Ubuntu Studio 22.04LTS, 5.15.0-52-lowlatency #58-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT, SSD, M-Audio Air 192|14, Ardour7.0.0 (built using 7.0 and GCC version 6.3.0 20170516) official build.

Is that anything I’m doing wrong, have misconfigured, or just bumped into a bug with new time implementation?

FWIW, I just tried to replicate your issue on my Linux box, without success:

  • Running on Jack @ 48kHz, 512 samples, 3 periods.
  • I set the session tempo to 60 BPM and enabled the click.
  • I recorded the audio output (not the midi) from setBfree to a stereo track (in place of your synth).
  • I added a Red Zepplin track and tapped in a simple drumbeat, which I then quantized (I’m a terrible finger drummer).
  • I recorded DI from my guitar into a new mono track (I’m not set up to record from stereo mics ATM).

Aside from the fact that I forgot the chord progression while playing the guitar, the playback sounds like what I expect: no synch issues.

Any chance you got a large value entered into the hardware input latency and hardware output latency fields that is causing Ardour to make excessive latency compensation?

I switched from Wayland to X and the problems seems to be gone, as well as GUI freezes/lags.

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