Ardour 7 OS X not finding plugins

Hi there - latest build for Ardour isn’t recogising mu plugins, even though 6.8 saw them fine and I haven’t moved anything. the message I’m getting is:



Ok I think I worked out the problem - they’re found with the intel version not the M1 Silicon version, so there’s some compatibility problem (the clue’s in the error message too I suppose…

Is there to be a work-around for this I wonder?



Your analysis is correct. "have ‘x86_64, i386’ need ‘arm64e’ " indeed means the plugin is only made for 64 and 32bit Intel platforms.

For Audio Unit plugins this is not an issue. Apple’s Rosetta can translate those, but for VST this is not directly possible.

You basically have two options:

  • Run the intel version of Ardour on the M1
  • find some plugin bridge - a plugin which can then load the real plugin in a separate process translating CPU architectures.
    KXStudio : Applications : Carla can do that and I think Bidule as well.

As 3rd option you could contact the plugin manufacturer and ask them for provide an Apple/ARM version, or perhaps use the Audio Unit variant if they provide it.

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