Ardour 7 - MIDI regions are not fully displayed or played unless

… the end of the MIDI region is shifted much further back, as is required in principle:
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Possibly this also has something to do with opening Ardour6 files containing MIDI (similar to -with-some-6-9-files/107721 - @Robin Gareus This happens in the file that we discussed) or am I missing something here?


I see, it looks like the session was not correctly converted, or rather the issue is inherited from the Ardour 6 session: the MIDI Region position is set in audio time (not music/beat time).

A quick fix is to right-click on Part B, Region > Position > Glue to Bars and Beats.
(a small note symbol will appear before the Region-name) and then trim the region-end

With all the regions in your session it might be easier to continue with Ardour 6.9 for the time being until this issue is fixed. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thanks Robin for your quick response!

If I understood the “What’s new” about Ardour 7 correctly, then Ardour 7 offers a possibility to create a single .mid from the individual parts - that’s why v7 is interesting for me. I can’t do that in Ardour 6.9 - can I?

Btw. editing notes (especially editing the start and end by dragging with the mouse) in the midi regions of this session is not really possible either, since the start or end does not end up where you moved it with the mouse. This is perhaps also of interest for optimization :wink:

Perhaps, do you have any idea by when this will be fixed?

Should be fixed now since Ardour 7.0-78-gcc30495ba0 (re-import the original v6 session).

And wow! I have only just listened to the session you sent me. Chapeau! For her first composition Milena-Marie rocks!

PS. I am not sure if the Pedal CC is correctly converted. There are still some oddities with tempo-changes and CC events 0009009: After tempo change in the tempo bar, midi regions are offset and behaves unexpectedly. - MantisBT which may or may not be relevant.

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I’m amazed by your fast support! Many many thanks!
I also forwarded your comment to Milena-Marie and she was really happy - thank you :grinning:!

Now I have installed the new version and loaded the piece again and the individual parts are displayed correctly!

I really hope that this feedback is not only annoying, but also important for your great work on Ardour, unfortunately I also noticed the following::
In Part A, when I use the mouse to edit the beginning or end of the notes, it works as expected. When I do that in the other parts, the note just “disappears” (also in v7.0.78).

To your PS: Indeed that is also relevant.

Side question: do you prefer this feedback here in the forum or does it help you more to use the bug tracker?

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Thanks for asking, but don’t bother to file a bug report just yet.

I’m not usually working with MIDI, and only just started to investigate. There are various issues with sessions that use tempo-changes, and we’re about to resolve those.

Once that’s gone (hopefully a day or two), any remaining bugs are indeed better reported on the issue tracker.

PS. Your feedback is valuable and not annoying. The session you provided is also helpful to test. Thanks for that!


The main issues with editing MIDI regions after tempo-map changes should be resolved since Ardour 7.0-82-g63c78ebced

It may however be that I’ve missed some cases, particularly with automation. If you have some time, please test.

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Still plenty of issues:(

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Sorry for my delayed reply, but I’ve been very busy for the last week and unfortunately didn’t have time to continue working on the piece of music.

But now I finally got around to it and I would like to thank you once again for the great support.

As far as I have been able to test it now, reading in the Ardour6 files with MIDI works for me and the discussed session and editing the notes as well. I’m not quite sure about automation yet, but if I notice anything else (apart from what’s already in the tracker), I’ll be happy to report back - using the bug tracker :wink:.
In any case, thank you for this great work!!!

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