Ardour 7 Manual (PDF Format)

Is there a .pdf version of the Ardour 7 Manual available? I can’t find one online.

Please advise.



You can try the Harrison manual since they and Ardour are developed together, I found the latest release to be the closest to Ardour’s latest release.

Where can I find it? Can you please link it here?

Mixbus 8 manual:

Mixbus 8 32C manual:

I would assume Mixbus 8 is closer to Ardour than Mixbus 8 32C, but I figured there is no harm in posting links to both.

There are instructions for generating a local copy of the Ardour manual here:

Gratitude, Gunther! I appreciate your help with this! I have the Ardour v6 Manual but I know new stuff was added in v7.

I just ran ./ --pdf in a checkout of the ardour-manual.git. The result can be found at


Much gratitude, Robin!

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