Ardour 7 hangs on exit

Have to send a ^C to kill it. Nothing useful in the terminal except “Butler drops pool trash” which I gather is normal.

Anyway to increase the verbosity to get some more info?


Are you using JACK?

Perhaps the issue is caused by a glibc bug that affects jack on some GNU/Linux distributions:

Yep that’ll be it. Thanks again. Any harm in killing the process? Not sure I have the stomach for upgrading this arvo.

No harm, at that stage you can just kill Ardour until the distro ships a fixed version version.

I have the same issue on Manjaro (latest) connected to ALSA instead.

EDIT: Works good with a new project made in Ardour 7.0. Hang to not respoining only happens on projects from the previous version Manjaro community repo version (6.95). Its now installed with the binary installer from the donwloader.

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