Ardour 7 - cues recording and crashes


First of all I wanted to thank you for this beautiful project. I really love working with Ardour and I can never thank enough the people who made this possible.

I am playing a bit with the cue system, which I really like. While working with cues, there are a few things that I am not sure whether they are simply not working due to a bug or I simply haven’t figured it out yet.

1 When I activate the cues and I set the follow up (for example from a to b) Ardour does the follow-up, but it only activates the first slot on the left-hand side and does not play the others on the side.
I managed to make this work by using the linear mode but unfortunately every time I work on it Ardour crashes.
2 Another things I was trying to do was to record the loops in the edit mode, I can see that it gives you the option to record the track, but I struggle to figure out how to get the signal in the recording.

I know that this is all pretty new, so I am sharing this mostly as feedback, please let me know if anyone has any tip to make this work.

Thank you.

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