Ardour 7 Clock not functioning

Just trying Ardour 7 and the clock just shows chevrons, tried options in the right-click menu but still no time display. This is in Windows, thanks

Also for me in Linux.
There is already a bug report of this:

Thanks for the reply

Here is the workaround from Robin (x42):

You can work-around this by editing the ui_config file (while ardour is not running) using a text-editor:

On Linux: $HOME/.config/ardour7/ui_config
On Windows: %localappdata%\ardour7\ui_config
On Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Ardour7/ui_config

and change “clock-display-limit” to 0 (zero):

<Option name="clock-display-limit" value="0"/>


Worked for me too.
Many thanks to Attila and Robin.

Great, that worked, many thanks

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