Ardour 7 cannot load the newly saved session

After binding the control surface in a new session, and saving it, when I try to open it again, I get the error: unexpected exception during session setup: tri_bad_weak_ptr

I think this is a long standing issue caused when binding MIDI pitch-bend to some control parameter.

If I remember correctly the [only?] way to recover from this is to edit the .ardour session file in a text editor and either

  • make the generic-midi ctrl surface as disabled
  • remove the binding

Ref: 0008911: Session doesn't load (ERROR: Unexpected exception during session setup: tr1::bad_weak_ptr) - MantisBT

In my case it’s about fader/volume, encoder/pan and mute button/mute, not about pitch-bend.
So I understand that I can’t use controll surface?..
Or every time I open a session I have to use learn midi bind, then disable controll surface before saving?

Maybe this is a different issue… Let’s take a step back:

Are you using a MIDI control surface and MIDI learn?

Yes, I am… midi controller Impulse 49 with generic midi, but it doesn’t work until I use midi learn (ctrl+Middle click).

I manage to assign midi bind, it works fine, the problem is that after I close the session, when I reopen it, I get the error. It is not possible that every time I open the session file in the text editor, modify it there, then open the session and assign midi bind again.

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