Ardour 7.5, Ubuntu Studio and Behringer UMC404

Is anyone else having problems with this configuration? It’s hard to get Ardour to recognise the Behringer, and even after it does, it crashes (intermittently).

I’ve been using Ardour for years but haven’t had this problem with previous versions.

… after further testing with another laptop, I think the problem is down to the first machine’s age. It’s a core i3, not up to it any more.

Recognizing and setting up a particular interface is the responsibility of ALSA drivers. It may be something as mundane as a USB cable which has developed a crack in a wire.
Machine age is likely not directly responsible, but something like a worn down or cracked contact in a USB connector could cause symptoms like that.

Thanks for this, Chris. I think you’re probably right. A new USB cable seems to be doing the trick!

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