Ardour 7.5 released

Ardour 7.5 has been released. This is primarily a bug-fix release, but there several new features, include session I/O connection management, tempo mapping and the beginnings of section-based editing. As usual, there are also and many more notable improvements and fixes

Please read the full release notes for more details and/or download as usual at .


Wow Paul and Ardour TEAM, congratulations for such a great update, I apologize of had been leaving the forum, you really made me come back to Ardour! Thanks!



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Those are time selection markers. The indicated range is the same as displayed on the selection clock.

It is useful with section cut/copy and section-delete operations (see Edit menu). Those operations slice vertically though the whole timeline (regardless of object selection).

PS. You can drag those markers to change the time-selection, or if you’re annoyed by them, hide them in Preferences > Appearance/Editor > Show Selection Marker


The tempo mapping is brilliant, I can see how that could be used to make electronic music more organic. As always thank you for your work!

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Thanks so much for the update.

Brilliant stuff Paul and team!

10 minutes into using the tempo map I already absolutely love it!

The previous larger project I worked on back in 2020 was an album recorded in free tempo. My job was to add synths on top of it. Setting up every song with the old system was rather time consuming. The tempo map will save me tons of time on the next one. I can almost feel the happiness of dragging and dropping ready made parts on a tempo mapped song already!

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Regarding the tempo mapping (it’s absolutely great btw): Is there a way to export the tempo map for use with other DAWs? This would be a super convenient feature for when I interchange stems after editing with band members who use a multitude of differents DAWs.

There is no common format for sharing tempo maps with ramps in them.

Hi. There a 7.5.0 version in 32 bits? I have VST and plugins that works in 32 bits.

We announced with version 7.0 that we would no longer provide builds for 32 bit systems.

You can still build it yourself for such systems, though we do not offer support for such builds.

Ardour does not provide a “bridge” between 32bit and 64 bit host/plugin relationships. If you build a 32 bit version, it will only be able to use 32 bit plugins.

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You guys write great software! Thank you for keeping it going!