Ardour 7.5 is the bomb! excellent workflow improvements

I was rather underwhelmed by the last iteration although I have been paying attention periodically as there was enough positive feedback that it was one to watch, normally waveform is my recomend to those that don’t pirate (I call it extended fully functional demo myself because yes I do pirate, however as I go along I buy the ones I use, let the rest fade away and once I begin to monetize I will be reduced down to only what is payed for, honestly I have paid for a number of products that I otherwise wouldn’t have ever purchased due to the fully functional demo so - shrug I don’t feel guilty - all thems whose products I use will get money from my music long before I ever do) anyway I will come back when I have a few dollars and send money your way guys, youve more than earned it in my books, well that and I used an installer so I have to pay you for that anyway because I suspect this daw will be my go to and I am going to be monetizing soon so ya next week I will send ya all twice what the installer costs just to make nice and great job,

all the features I wish you had I will suggest once I become more familiar

I have already posted to the sites I persue to learn about software that if they haven’t given it a go then they really really should because it’s workflow improvements make life much easier on a producer

Bravo gentlemen I don’t impress often or easily when it comes to software but there was a lot of effort put into getting the workflow so well refined and credit where credit is do, that takes a lot of coding


actually next week i will subscribe, thanks guys hope to see some more interesting improvements

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