Ardour 7.4.25 does the magic with VST3 plugins

Hello devs and hello everyone,

Into one of my previous posts (Link) I complained that Ardour was having trouble getting some VST3 plugins to work properly. I do not deny that it had saddened me to such an extent that I let it all go.

Two days ago, after just over three hours of compiling the Ardour source code, I finally got to version 7.4.25 (The Shutov Assembly). Finally everything seems to work for the best.

I know that it is not a priority by developers to support VST plugins and everything that comes from the Windows world. So seeing that, in such a short time, certain problems have already been solved, it goes without saying that this thing left me ecstatic.

ps. The reference image attached shows one of the plugins that I use in the study and songwriting phase.

Thanks to the developers for this achievement.


I’m glad you got things working.

I am curious though, regarding VST3 plugins there should be no difference between the current release 7.4.0 and 7.4.25. What specific issue does 7.4.25 solve?

Even to me it seems there’s no difference with 7.4.0 but I see Ardour put less load on the DSP when working with Jack audio system than with ALSA (32% with Jack vs 45% with ALSA), no Xruns both the instances. Can you confirm?
BTW Thank you for your hard work to constantly improve this great software.

Hello @x42

I can’t say about the difference between the current release 7.4.0 and 7.4.25 cause prior to compile this build I was still on 7.2 from git. I’ve been aware that something have been fixed with VST3, cause I read that news among the comments in the forum. So I thought: “is time to compile again”. From my side it fixes a crucial thing. Talking about a specific plugin like EZ-Drummer 3 now It open correctly and works as expected. Thank you again and thank you for the Black_Pearl_4_LV2. I would love to see a specific Metal drum kit in the future. Would be awesome!


Are you still using Yabridge 4.0.2 and Wine 7.20 (Staging) ?

No, I updated with success to the last versions. Actually with Wine version 8.7 (Staging) and Yabridge host version 5.0.5. Everything works great. I noticed also even less memory drain. Ardour is more than superb right now. I can’t be more satisfied. Thanks for asking


Upgrade from Debian 11 to Debian 12 without issues. The OS give Ardour 7.3.0. Upgraded also to Wine Staging 8.10 and being stable on Yabridge 5.0.5.

My Ardour 7.4 build works perfectly

Thank you for letting us know about it.
In my case, Wave plugins only work well in VST2, not VST3.
I use Ubuntu 23.04 - Wine Staging 8.11 - Yabridge 5.0.5.
The problem description: you can’t delete the VST3 version once you inserted it. The system freezes (the same happens if you try to close the application).
Furthermore, you get the channel playing only from the right channel.
The VST2 versions work just fine. Really strange.

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