Ardour 7.2 released

Another month brings another Ardour release. Although the primary reasons to release 7.2 were to fix some egregious bugs with region automation and the tempo map, this version includes a nice collection of new features too, including MIDI Learn for cue slots, support for Ogg/OPUS compressed audio, importing lyrics from MIDI files and more.

See the full release notes for more information, and download as usual from


Hi and thanks for the update!
i’m curious if feature ‘MIDI Lyrics Importing’ is only for importing, or we can somehow add lyrics and markers to regions in Ardour directly?

Only for import at this time, sorry.

Thanks for quick reply, i find it very interesting :slight_smile:
specially since there is marker timeline (within region) for words


and there is Region > Markers > Convert Region Cue Markers to Location Markers if you want it on the global rulers.


that’s neat! but in scenario with multiple different vocal tracks (adlibs, backing vocals etc), i would pick markers in midi region… every time…

  • toggle option - show text a bit bigger (over half/whole midi region)
  • write text to midi regions: splitting midi regions and naming every split region with the text content, consolidate those splits and you get like in screenshot above - text + whole midi region… (now this would create more issues i guess - what happens with text markers if you edit midi region/split/merge etc…)

Thank you ! … importing lyrics from midi file … I’ll go into it to find out :+1: :+1: :+1:

Never ending story - bugs and copying of midi regions… I think I will use an external midi editor, Thank you very much

Instead of being so flippant, you should open detailed bug reports so that the Ardour team can fix them.


The problem with copying midi regions has been known for years. bugs were also reported

I’d still like to know what issue you’re refering to.
I copy MIDI regions all the time, and yet I don’t understand which bugs you’re thinking of.


Yes I would be interested as well. I don’t recall any issues regarding to copying MIDI Regions (which doesn’t mean that there are none).


Thanks for the update! I just compiled it now and loaded a project.

Has anyone else noticed an increase in DSP? I just loaded a project in 7.2 and it is taking ~39% DSP. I closed the project and opened it in 7.1 and the DSP is ~19%

It could be on my end but I wanted to check everyone else as well.

Perhaps 7.1 is an optimized build while your self-compiled 7.2 is not?

Menu > Help > About > Config is Debuggable build: True ?


I just tried 7.1 and 7.2 on a moderate sized session (tracks and plugins). They both ran at about 18% DSP, and if anything 7.2 was a little lower.


Hi Robin,

Edit: Yes debuggable build = true

I accidentally posted the 7.1 config earlier as I had both up.

Thanks Paul, that is good news. 7.1 was built from Manjaro and 7.2 from me…so you know :slight_smile:

Edit: I recompiled optimized and DSP is now at 14%. Nice!

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Try to Copy/Drag&Drop/Duplicate/FillTrack a four-bar region with one quarter note C3. Very different results 0009105: Dosn't copy one quarter note C3 in a four bar region - several times - MantisBT


Did you see the final note on that bug?

Also, this particular bug has not existed for that long, it was caused somewhere during the work on 7.0/7.1

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