Ardour 7.2 playhead navigation left right

Manjaro KDE, Ardour 7.2.

In Windows > Keyboard shortcuts dialog, when searching for “left” it shows up in the “Global” tab, “Common” section and says “Playhead to previous grid”. This looks normal and is the same as in Ardour 6.9.

However, in Ardour 6.9, pressing left / right keys always moves the playhead to the previous / next grid line, but in 7.2 the playhead only moves - once - if it is located between grid lines. If the playhead is at a grid line, left / right does nothing and the playhead stays put.

Is this intended behaviour? If so, how do I tell Ardour 7.2 to behave like 6.9?

EDIT: Opening another session (created with Ardour 7.0) the left / right buttons works as expected, so it seems to be some kind of session “hickup”. Will try a reboot…

EDIT 2: Changing the grid to quarter notes (actually any bar / beat setting), navigation works as expected. Setting the grid to “minsec” or “timecode” or “CD frames”, the playhead misbehaves. Maybe a bug, then?

I can reproduce this bug in Ardour 7.2 on Windows. Both bar/beat and other grid setting behave as you described it

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