Ardour 7.1 doesn't work with Waves Plugins v14?

Hey everyone,

since i updated to Ardour 7.1 (actually running on 7.3) my Waves plugins doesn’t work anymore.
I do see all my plug ins in the plugin manager, they are installed and status OK.
(Installed as AudioUnit)
When i use the Waves v14 plugins in the Project there’s in every plugIn overload and no Audio is coming through.
Ardour 6 is working normally.

System MacOS Ventura 13.2.1
Does anyone have/had the same issues?

Are you using the Intel version or the AppleSilicon version of Ardour? on a M1/M2 system?

I am using the Intel version of Ardour on Intel Mac 2019 i7 6-Core.