Ardour 7.1, Cue, Silence Gap

Hello to all, my fist post here and also my first steps in Ardour. I compile the 7.1.115 version in Debian 11 and everything went as suppose. Sound great, the performance go smooth and I happy to discover Ardour.

After make some takes in the edit mode, I switch to Cue, rendering some bars from edit itself, exporting as mp3 and importing in Cue. (I’m reading to make it directly from edit… but step by step :wink: ) My question it’s, even if the loop exported region start and end without silence gap, when I import in Cue I get a silence gap between clips even between “follow count” of the same clip. Some clue to get rid of it?

If a log data is necessary, please let me know.
Intel® Core™ i5-7200U CPU @ 2.50GHz × 4, 12Gb Ram.

Thanks in advance.

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