Ardour 7.0 rulers & tempo marker weirdness

I’ve opened an A6 session in A7. It has lots of time signature and tempo markers.

A lot of the location markers are not in quite the right place and the same with many of the tempo markers and many of the tempo ramps haven’t been honoured, all of which has thrown the MIDI track (drums) out relative to the instruments (audio). I’m guessing this is due to the internal changes relating to how time is handled.

Also, in A6, at a certain zoom level the ruler should show the bar number of every bar. In A7 it does this for the 8/8 and 5/8 sections, but for the 7/8 and 6/8 sections it only shows the bar numbers for alternate bars, which makes navigating a little confusing.

I was trying to move tempo markers around to get everything back in sync and found that in a 7/8 bar it would only let me move the tempo marker to every other beat. For example, if the bars were numbers 10 and 11, only bar 10 would show it’s bar number, with beats 3, 5 and 7 labelled and bar 11 (which wasn’t labelled) show beats 2, 4 and 6. The tempo marker I was moving was on the wrong beat but could only be moved to/from one of the labelled beats and not to the beats in-between.

When zooming in further, instead of the previously-unlabelled beats becoming numbered, each showed 960 (I think, the font is tiny) and the tempo marker could still only move 1, 3, 5, 7 and 2, 4, 6 of the following bar. It’s as though it’s treating the bar as in /4 time with a coarse snap level on (I had it set to quavers, but setting it to demi-semi-quavers made no difference).

Is this the result of a bug in A7, or because I’m opening an A6-created project in A7 and it would have been okay had it been created in the newer version originally?

Mostly the latter. Though I did pay some attention to back-compatible tempo map loading, it was not a particular high priority, and was hard to ensure since there have been some policy changes in 7.0.

If you have an A6-created session, you should likely continue to use A6 especially if it contains many tempo & meter changes.

On the other hand, I’d appreciate a bug report at about this, with the session archive attached if possible,

On the other hand, I’d appreciate a bug report at about this, with the session archive attached if possible

Okay, I’ll try to find time to do that tomorrow. Sorry, what exactly do you mean by the archive? And for which session, the A6 one or the A7 one?

The A6 session …

You will find the session archive option under the Session main menu item.

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